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About Us

Serapa is an indigenous word meaning “fair chase”- it embodies all the finer points of what we stand for. Over three and a half decades ago the Reyneke family welcomed their first visitors to their 46 000 acre piece of Kalahari Eden. Now it’s Yolande, Adolph and Abraham’s turn to personally invite you to experience one of the last great tracts of hunting land. A place they call home, and where they offer you and your family an unforgettable safari experience.

AAA Africa Serapa Safaris is situated in South Africa’s malaria-free, North West Province, close to the Botswana border. You will see 4 of the Big 5 roaming in their habitat. It consists of Savannah/Bushveld vegetation with an annual rainfall of only sixteen inches. The Camelthorn acacia trees are a stunning feature of the area and combined with a Kalahari sunset, you will have memories and photographs to pass down the generations.

Luxury Spa

Treat yourself with our
fully-equipped spa

Experience the unique
Serapa wildlife

Experience the thrill of the hunt
& earn
your trophy

Come & Explore

our African nature & experience the thrill of the hunt!

Our Wildlife


The Kudu is one of Africa’s most beautiful creatures and have spectacular horns that can make almost 3 spirals when fully grown. The Khoisan believe God blessed the Kudu with a white stripe over its face, reaching from 1 eye to the other because they are extremely illusive and so good at hiding. But this stripe enables moonlight to reflect on the stripe allowing better vision at night.


Up to 58 lb (344 kg))

Up to (43 cm) high at the shoulder

7mm Rem Mag – 270


The Eland is the world’s largest antelope making them popular hunting targets. They have rich milk, tasty meat and make a great trophy. Despite being bulky and heavy, the Eland is a remarkably agile animal and large bulls can easily jump over regular fences. Over the course of a day, a herd of Elands can travel up to 35 miles (55 km) to find new browsing sites.


Up to 1980 lb (900kg)

Up to 5.8 ft (1.76 m) height to shoulders

7mm Rem Mag – 30.06


This member of the Big 5 is a temperamental tank to anything that bothers it, feared by natives and a prize to all hunters, African buffalo are not gentle giants and make for an ultimate hunting experience.


Up to 1,871 lb (849 kg)

Up to 5 ft (1.5 m), tall, at the shoulder


Luxury Accommodation

Just because our ancestors ruffed it out in the wilderness when hunting, does not mean you should.

The luxury experience continues in these breathtaking rooms. The twin rooms and the en suite bathrooms come with a superb view from all angles allowing the beauty of the bush inside your room. The rooms have been designed to maintain privacy and can be adapted to sleep 2-8 people, ideal should you bring the family.

You will find it hard to leave your suite once you have arrived. Tastefully decorated, your accommodation will be one of the highlights of your safari as you are soothed after a long day in the bush.

As you overlook herds of Impala, you will be overwhelmed by your surroundings. Your ensuite bathroom is spacious and your view incredible. We pride ourselves in offering every guest the finest experience. All suites are unique and stylishly decorated, and our cotton duvets will ease you off to dreamland in no time.

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PO Box 19 Tosca South Africa
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